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Short Review HP Mini Note 1169 (1100)

September 6th, 2010 § commented: 1

Yesterday afternoon, precisely on Sunday, dated September 5, 2010 when I was in Calcutta for an affair, eventually pack of Unity came too, a Netbook HP Mini Note beamed in 1169 neatly wrapped with box outside of Unity and dus inherited from Hewlett Packard (HP ).

Okay, here it is:

Once the unit netbook held, dikeluarin impression that first arises is: "hehe, really small," though  I counted frequently use netbooks have a friend who is also a 10 'but the habit of many years of use laptop 14' tetep wrote still be reason for those words out . »Hear more! «

Printer Machine Worth Money Hundred Thousand ...?

September 3rd, 2010 § commented: 12

Shocked? wonder? muter logic? wonder? Is it possible? impossible? ahhh the yes anyway? who think like that?

It's in my mind after I click one of the links that I find ads in the sidebar of Gmail, e-mail client that I use everyday to communicate. Is a site that offers a business opportunity in the virtual jungle with tempting offers or more precisely spelled out fantastic, bombastic, powerful or more hyperbolic language. But is it possible?

The site is located at flowing dot com. Out of curiosity I read from beginning to end parts of the site, there are canvas prints displaying the text of the bill-which probably belongs to the owner are, some testimonials, how the system works-which in my opinion does confuse and guns entered in akal-, and some bonuses if you buy products in the form of the software. igramlikes.com

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Buy Netbook in Unity Sahur Sale

September 1st, 2010 § commented: 14

This morning around 01:45 hours idly open page bhinneka.com, turns bhinneka longer exists promo , if usually bhinneka mid nite sale this time bhinneka dawn sale, whereas previously there were love guns tau kalo emang again no promo(LOL)

Promo diadain 03:00 hours until 07:00, while waiting for the dawn of time eventually pas 03:00 hours page refresh its diversity and promo already started, then clays, and finally decided to buy a netbook HP Mini Note 1169 is at a discount until around Rp. 800.000, - of which 2.7 million so the normal price of 1.9 million.

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Crazy, Alexa Rank ndri.info anjlognya Sadistic!

August 31st, 2010 § commented: 4

Hadduh, after 4 months guns are treated this domain , this morning checking Alexa Rank this domain, and it turned out a surprising figure (already able to buy homecoming tickets pp Jakarta - Jogja), namely:

Site Information for  ndri.info

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  • Alexa Traffic Rank:  1,045,455
  • Traffic Rank in  ID : 30.840
  • Sites Linking In:  37

Really bad already above the jetties! : -O

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Something's Wrong ... But What Ya?

August 30th, 2010 § commented: 9

2 Today full in Bekasi Ko-benerin PC cafe + game center Mbak'ku, you know the atmosphere of the place to play online games now are played mostly children ages responsibilities, ranging from grade 4-6 umuran, umuran middle and high school, some there are already too big.

On the one hand happy ngliat children that age already on ngoperasiin computer whiz, I had the time of SD boro-boro known online games, lha wong aja toys still very traditional, rich benthic, gobak Sodor, boy-boy'an, hopscotch, kites , most pol maen sega, tamiya or bike around the village naek (LOL) Visit http://wristbands24.co.uk to find out more regarding Tyvek wristbands

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